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How to Grow a Profitable Facebook Group Course

Start your journey towards creating a profitable Facebook Group NOW!

What you'll get:

  • Practical advice and step by step examples that you can easily implement to establish and grow your Facebook group without spending a cent
  • Insight into proven methods that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits  
  • Access to ongoing support and continued learning opportunities to become an credible 'authority' in Facebook groups

What People Are Saying:

I thought I knew how to run a Facebook Group. I'm a member of lots of groups, and an admin of a number of them. But I always found interaction and growth in my groups inconsistent, they would ebb and flow, and eventually stagnate a bit. To be honest, I was sure that FB groups were already in decline while the masses moved to the next 'shiny object'. ... That was until I took Paul's course. Since taking the 'How to Grow a Profitable Facebook Group' course, and implementing just a handful of the tactics I've seen one of my groups grow by 20, 30, 40 people a day and I know that's just the beginning. Paul's course if full of actionable videos. I've seen other courses that focus on "what" to do (where to click, how to layout an image, etc), whereas Paul's course focuses on "how"... how to growth hack your group, how to build a strong moderator team, how to generate leads and profitable work for your business, and so much more. And in my opinion the "how" is so much more valuable as it can be applied across any group and is as useful today as it will be tomorrow. If you're interested in building your authority, in massively helping your audience, and in creating a tribe of people who are eager to do business with you then check out the 'How to Grow a Profitable Facebook Group' course.

Caolan O'Connor

Hey, everyone, my name is Jason and I've just finished Paul's course on how to grow a profitable Facebook group and let me just say, it's amazing. I started following paul's advice and created my own Facebook group that has ALREADY generated paid work. And it only took me three days… Three days to turn a profit from my fresh Facebook group. This course covers literally everything that you need to know about creating and running profitable groups from scratch. Including the mechanics of setting up groups and how to avoid some of the traps that can really slow you down. This is very useful if you are new to setting up groups. How to growth hack your group to grow much quicker and get results sooner. The course covers how to manage your group once you have it up and running to maximise the growth and build an amazing team You even learn how to not to destroy your own group accidentally and how to deal with internet “trolls”. There is a bunch of tips and insider advice from someone who has pulled in hundreds of thousands from his Facebook groups. The value of that should not be underestimated. It's pure gold. Seriously, learn from someone who is currently making money from Facebook, forget the fake gurus who have never actually done it. Forget the fake it til you make it experts. If you follow pauls training in this course, you WILL have a powerful and profitable Facebook group very soon. I had tried in the past to create and grow Facebook groups with little to some success. But like I said earlier, this time I was able to set up my group properly and within 3 DAYS I was already getting my first paying client. If you are a business owner looking for another revenue stream or are looking to build your authority dramatically, this course is for you.

Jason Griggs

If you're going to learn a new skill from anyone, the first thing you need to be sure of is. have they made and are still making money doing what they are teaching. This rules out 95% of all courses but not this one. The videos in this course are full of valuable tips and guidance on how set up and succeed with a Facebook group. I believe with this training anyone with basic computer skills can be up and running fast. There is one promotional tip in the course that in my view is worth far more on its own than what the course costs. There has never been a better time to build your own community of loyal followers and clients and this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Don't sit on the fence get a copy now before the competition finds out and beat you to it.

William Siebler

Recently I was able to study the 'how to start a Facebook group', course through Insiteful and Paul Warren. I found the course to be very informative and has helped me to understand more about setting up Facebook groups and being able to promote the group to my colleagues, associates etc, in being able to increase my income by having a Facebook group with the knowledge I have gained from the course. Participants will gain a range of knowledge from this course, the Videos are short but full of good content, and the case studies and discussions between Paul and Tim help to clarify and reinforce the information being presented. I can highly recommend the course to anyone who is thinking about starting a Facebook group, no matter where your knowledge lies on Facebook group, the course has relevant information and content for a beginner or someone who believes they have good knowledge of Facebook groups.

Scott Humphrey